What To Expect

Below are the steps and procedures you can expect when receiving bird removal services:

  • Schedule an inspection of your home or business online or by calling 1-704-564-5686. A Catawba Wildlife Representative can answer any question and arrange your preferred appointment time. A Catawba Wildlife technician will contact you to confirm a time to perform the inspection.

  • A detailed property inspection is performed by a certified wildlife technician. A written proposal for resolving your issue is provided. Deposit is collected by check or credit card. Exterior vent clean-out and securing is available same day.

  • If required, bird exclusion and property repairs may be scheduled to begin within one to two days. One-way doors are installed and all access points are secured too restrict birds from re-entering your home. Evictions process may one or two days to allow all birds to vacate your home.

  • A Catawba Wildlife skilled carpenter repairs the bird damage to the exterior of your home or business. Interior restoration is completed by removing all nesting material and feces, exterminating bird lice, and sanitizing and disinfecting contaminated areas.

  • Final inspection is preformed by a Catawba Wildlife after repairs are completed to insure home is 100% secure from birds. Final payment is collected by check or credit card.


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Did You Know? Swifts are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and anyone who knowingly destroys birds or nests that might contain eggs or young can be fined or penalized.