Snake Removal

For proper snake removal solutions, it is best to contact Catawba Wildlife. Our snake control specialists are properly trained in identifying the different snake species and implementing safe snake control solutions.

Catawba Wildlife can help to evaluate the situation in or around your home. Our snake removal specialists will identify the snake's entry points, like holes in the foundation of walls of the house, and will seal these off once the  snakes are removed. Catawba Wildlife will also help prevent snakes from entering vents, exhaust fans and chimneys in the home.

For proper handling of venomous snakes and to get rid of snake problems, contact Catawba Wildlife today.

We can help you get rid of snake problems.  Call today: 1-704-564-5686



Did You Know?Even though they may look creepy, snakes are great to have around!
They help manage pest problems and are beneficial to the environment and ecology.