5 Year Warranty with ALL Recommended Work Completed

What To Expect

Below are the steps and procedures you can expect when receiving squirrel removal services:

  • Schedule an inspection of your home or business online or by calling 1-704-564-5686 A Catawba Wildlife Representative can answer any question and arrange your preferred appointment time. A Catawba Wildlifetechnician will contact you to confirm a time to perform the inspection.

  • A detailed property inspection is performed by a certified Wildlife technician. A written, proposal for resolving your issue is provided. Deposit is collected by check or credit card. Squirrel exclusion and property repairs are scheduled to begin within one to two days.

  • Traps are set at access points. All access points are then secured too restrict squirrels from re-entering your home. Evictions process may take up to one week to allow all squirrels to vacate your home.

  • A Catawba Wildlifeskilled carpenter repairs the squirrel damage to the exterior of your home or business. Interior restoration is completed by removing all urine and feces, exterminating any fleas, sanitizing and disinfecting attic area, repairing electrical damage, and fluffing insulation to original condition.

  • Final inspection is performed by a Catawba Wildlife technician after repairs are completed to insure home is 100% secure from squirrels. Final payment is collected by check or credit card.

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Did You Know? Squirrels usually have 2 litters per year. The first litter that they have is born between the months of February and April, and the second litter that they have happens between the months of August and September. On average the female squirrel will have between 2-6 offspring.

Did You Know? Squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires each year! If squirrels are not removed, you are putting your family at risk. Protect your family and your investment by scheduling an inspection with Catawba Wildlife today!